A Practical Guide to Thumbtack Reputation Growth

It’s only natural for a company to want to grow its reputation as time goes by. Some startup owners are even willing to get a head start by paying for a robust marketing campaign such as the pay-per-click advertising method to get instant popularity. However, if a company owner wants to get ahead without necessarily making a substantial payment, platforms such as Thumbtack are surprisingly useful. It’s a platform where users can find local professionals and get quotes, advice, services, and more. The goal is to boost the company’s reputation by gaining Thumbtack reviews.

That said, it’s not necessarily a straightforward process for a business, especially if the company owner wants to take a big leap forward in clout and influence. It is especially tricky for startups that might not have the necessary staying power to handle inefficient business decisions. For a platform such as Thumbtack, here are some ways to ensure that the company gets the reviews it needs.

Getting help with Thumbtack reviews from the people you know

Most companies out there likely already have clients that utilize their products and services. Depending on the loyalty of their supporters, it’s not a bad idea to ask for their help providing the necessary reviews through the platform. Considering how popular Thumbtack can be, chances are the company’s clients are already using Thumbtack when it comes to local services.

The idea is to get one’s initial run of reviews on the platform with the help of friends, family, and clients. After all, one of the best ways to show online users that a company is reliable is through reviews. In addition, reputation growth is not as big a problem if the company gets a good start with reviews.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction

Like in most other industries and business platforms, customer satisfaction plays a big part. The more people sing a company’s praises, the more likely it is for others to take notice. For a company struggling to get attention, focusing on customer satisfaction and going the extra mile for clients is a huge step forward. It might take some time, but it won’t take too long for a company that is consistent with its efforts. Ensuring that customers are satisfied with the services and advice provided on Thumbtack will undoubtedly get more people to notice, resulting in an avalanche of revenue.

Tackling negative feedback correctly

Any company that prioritizes customer satisfaction will know that negative feedback is inescapable no matter how hard one might try. While there will likely be an abundance of positive reviews for the reliable companies out there, it doesn’t change the fact that a disgruntled customer will likely voice their concerns. In such cases, the best thing to do is respond appropriately and offer solutions as soon as possible. Leaving negative feedback unanswered can be quite damaging to any company’s reputation, especially when it comes to Thumbtack, a platform that depends so much on reviews. 

The best part about responding as soon as possible to negative reviews is that the company gets a chance to make things right. Even if the reviewer no longer responds, it’s an effort that others will notice. Companies that work hard to appease their customers will likely gain support no matter what.

If the company is looking for reputation growth in Thumbtack, generating positive reviews is the best way to get the job done. There are various solutions to the issue, though the most straightforward is to get people the company knows to help and work hard to impress customers. It won’t take long before companies get used to a winning routine, and success will be all but guaranteed.